Supporting children with immune system disorders

SUNFLOWER Charity Foundation supporting children with immune system disorders
was established in 2006. We work to save lives of children who are suffering of
Primary Immunodeficiency and autoimmune diseases.

We serve as a tireless, compassionate advocate on behalf of our patients and their families to assure their access to excellent and comprehensive care. Today, under our care are more than 700 children from all regions of Russia who are constanly observed by doctors of the Clinical Immunology Department of the Russian Children's Hospital and Federal Scientific and Clinical Centre of Oncology, Hematology and Immunology.Children with immune system disorders require daily supportive lifesaving therapy.

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Monitoring viruses by PCR

Department of Clinical Immunology at the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital (RCCH)
Young patients of the Department of Clinical Immunology at the RCCH need a regular screening of viral infections by PCR (the most sensitive method for this purpose). Tests are done in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the FRCC-PHOI hospital for a fee. 100.000 rubles are needed monthly to conduct the tests. The obtained results allow doctors to modify therapy quickly in patients with borderline amount of virus particles in the blood.
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Gugolko Egor

1 year old, Kurgan region
Diagnosis: primary immunodeficiency, chronic granulomatous disease
Necessary drugs - Vifend and Tavanic cost 51 500 rub.
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1 year, Crimea Republic, Evpatoria
Diagnosis: primary immunodeficiency, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome
Required: Nplate medicine 250 mcg № 1 - 2 packages, cost - 126 000 rub.
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Genetic analysis

Blood samples from regional hospitals come to Dmitry Rogachev Federal Research Centerof Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology for the genetic confirmation of Primary immunodeficiencydiagnosis. The genetic analysis makes it possible not only to determine the prognosis of the particular patient's disease , but also to select the most appropriate treatment. Such tests are not carried out in the regional hospitals. They are neither financed by the compulsory health insurance , nor by other public funds.Genetic analysis is the first necessary step towards an accurate diagnosis, good treatment and the victory over the disease.
The cost of the analysis varies from 6000 to 30 000 rubles. On the average, the fund pays for the 10 children's tests during one month.
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Our friends

  • Ira Shtanchenko

    A friend of a fund
    "It`s so easy to do good to children - they never skimp on smile and and sincerity!"
  • Alexandra Romanenko

    Project Manager, lawyer "Access to treatment",, +7 909 164-84-74

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News & Events

  • Russian ball in Luxembourg


    Even staying at hospital one can live an interesting life and does not waste their time. Children under the Podsolnukh Foundation care know that for sure. Little patients of the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital painted great Russian ballerinas’ portraits for the Russian Ball in Luxembourg due to take place on January 16. The paintings are to become the top items up for a charity auction. All the money raised will be go the Podsolnukh children.

  • Marathon runners become immunity system champions


    On December 6, an annual 6-kilometer marathon called, BiM, took place in Zelenograd. 750 people from 18 to 75 years old participated in the race. Some of them came to win, some -  just for the sake of it. However, all of the runners did a great thing - raised money 

  • More than a million dollar holiday


    Our New Year charity project, “Million dollar holiday”, has successfully came to an end.

    Thanks to the Podsolnukh Foundation’s kind friends we managed to raise 1,195,351rubles for the treatment of the children with poor immune function. 

  • Russian helicopters help Foundation get closer to the Sun


    One of the Russian helicopters group’s companies presented a few Podsolnukh Foundation children with a month of healthy life. At a New Year party LLC “Obsluzhivayuschaya kompaniya LIK” auctioned off pictures painted by our children. As a result more than 100,000 rubles were transferred to the Foundation bank account.

  • Christmas Fair at RusGidro


    Every year the RusGidro Company gathers various charity foundations together at their office turning its premises into a big Christmas market. Our foundation traditionally takes part in the event. This year apart from souvenirs made by highly skilled craftsmen our volunteers brought there a painted carton Christmas tree. And just like that the Art parade came both to children hospitals and RusGidro.

  • Cool Christmas trees to cool school students


    The ‘’Klassnye yolki” project (cool/school Christmas trees in Russian) is gaining pace. 72 classes from 15 schools are ready to decorate their class rooms and donate money for treating Foundation children. Just to remind you, we are giving out carton Christmas trees for the creative decoration of a class room. The trees come along with our children’s photos and their wishes. Using their creative tools and materials and limitless imagination students make no less than carton masterpieces. All the items are put up for the coolest Christmas tree contest. The winners will be announced on December 25.

  • Rock rocks!


    The first rock concert at a hospital turned into a real festival. On September 22, Aleksey Kortnev, Vadim Samoylov, Noize MC,  7B and other Russian rock stars had a gig at the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital.

  • Constructor wipes out boundaries


    On July 15, a constructing school was inaugurated in the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital. The constructor was able to wipe out boundaries and move hospital walls.

  • Battle for immunity


    The actors workshop came from our children and were led by Sergey Svetlakov. The film was produced by Timur Bekmambetov and Varya Avdyushko, co-founders of our foundation; and the director was one of the cinematographers from the film franchise “Yolki” (Chritmas Trees), Dmitry Kiselev. We are also pleased to say thank you for his participation in the project to camera operator Vladislav Opelyants, who worked on such films as  "12" and "Burnt by the Sun 2".Roman Nepomnyashchy helped to develop the script The plot of the film is simple: the battle between good and evil, between the body’s immune system and disease –a story the kids on the wards of our hospital know only too well.

  • Good Day


    On the eve of the annual Children's Day, May 29 and 30, there was a charity fair “Good Day”, which took place in the Moscow offices of "RusHydro".  In total, the event was attended by nine charities, including our fund, "Sunflower".

  • The magic in the hospital


    At first, we had a light reading session. Alla Dovlatova read aloud from the stories of Zoschenko "Lola and Minka." The main characters are a brother and a sister - Minka is the boy and the girl is Lola.

    “I also have brothers! Three in all!” shouts Yarik, joyfully. It’s always nice when you're like the main character of the book. You may think that it is as if you yourself are selling your sister’s wellie boots to buy ice cream. Even if you do not know what galoshes are and you are not allowed to eat ice cream.

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