Heads of fund


  • Varya Avdyushko

    Costume Designer, Producer
    "The truth is that more and more kids get into the hospital, and they all need help. Help of the friends. And therefore I am happy to every new person who is willing to join us"
  • Timur Bekmambetov

    Film director, producer
    "The treatment of immune deficiency is one of the most expensive types of medical care, and only some children can be cured by the State and parents, the only opportunity for the rest of them to receive life-saving treatment is charity."
  • Varya Avdyushko

    President, founder


  • Elena Kukolevskaya

    First Deputy General Director of TV holding "Red Media," Trustee
    "We cannot remake this world, but we can save the life of the individual child!"
  • Alla Dovlatova

    Actress, speaker
    "The sequence should not be altered, when the parents pass away first, and then children. I am not able to influence this, but I should try to help."
  • Leo Gabriadze

    The director, art director of the film company "Bazelevs"
    «Anyone can help!»
  • Olga Tumaikina

    Theater and film actress
    "We all are interconnected, and each of us can make a miracle in the life of another, even just a stranger".