Diagnosis of families with immune deficiency

The goal of the program: to help families which have had cases of children born with primary immune deficiency, in giving birth to healthy children.

The service is for: members of families which have had cases of children born with primary immune deficiency diseases, who have a risk of having a sick child.

Primary immune deficiencies are inherited diseases in which the parents are carriers of the sick gene and transfer it to their children. As a result, the child’s disease develops. At the present time due to the development of genetics and immunology, many genes are known, which mutation leads to the development of various forms of primary immune deficiencies.

This allows to confirm the diagnosis genetically. As a consequence, to help the family in giving birth to healthy children. If the mutated gene which led to the development of the disease, is defined, it is possible to avoid the birth of a sick child in the family. For this at early stages of pregnancy the studies are conducted to identify whether the child is a patient carrier of the gene and whether it will be sick.
This diagnosis can help families have healthy children. It is not only about mothers with sick kids, who want to give birth to a healthy brother or sister, but also about help to sisters, aunts and other relatives to avoid tragedies such as the birth of a sick child.

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    Primary immune deficiency – is it AIDS? No, the primary immune deficiencies are hereditary and not related to infectious diseases. Children suffering from primary immune deficiency are not dangerous to others, rather the others are a threat to children suffering from primary immune deficiency.
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