Kristyan Babich

10 years old, Mirnyy
In December 2011, Kristyan passed away.
Diagnosis: Combined immunodeficiency. Chronic bronchitis. Perinatal affection of central nervous system. Dysplasia of the brain. Chronic subdural hematoma of the left frontal region. Symptomatic epilepsy. Psychomotor retardation. Visual impairment of central origin. Generalized BCG infection.


Here is what we wrote about Kristyan:

Probably, you’ll be surprised to hear that the favorite occupation of ten-year-old Kristyan is to play with rattles and the pat-a-cake game. This is not a joke. Or rather a malicious joke, which inability to diagnose the disease on time played on him.

Due to improper treatment Kristyan’s central nervous system was affected. Lagging behind in development, now the 10-year-old boy is not able to walk, hardly keeps his head up, doesn’t talk and is unable to see. But for sure feels everything…

In 2000 Irina has given birth to long-awaited twins – a girl and a boy, who was named Kristyan. At 4 months he started having problems with the respiratory and cardiovascular systems: dyspnea, sepsis and pneumonia broke out. Kristyan lapsed into a coma for 24 days, in which he was on a ventilator.

Lengthy coma caused serious disorders in Kristyan’s central nervous system. Besides cessation of motor development, the boy suffers from epileptic seizures. He had to undergo 3 surgeries for removing lymph nodes. He doesn’t respond to anyone besides his mom, who seems to have found the only “wave” possible for communication with her son.

Irina can’t work since it is necessary to stay near her son all the time and to raise the healthy daughter. Only the father brings home money earned at a job. Most of the time he spends at work – he is a security guard. Irina has a difficult time. Since the boy doesn’t walk, she has to carry him in her arms. The family doesn’t have funds to purchase a wheelchair for their son.

Here is how, simply because of poor diagnosing, somebody’s life can split in two, and a healthy child can turn into a disabled one, without having an opportunity to communicate with the outer world.

Therefore the words of the mother “Kristyan has a quiet and calm character, he likes to play with rattles and the pat-a-cake game” sound only sadder .

What has been done

August 1, 2011 – wheelchair cane was purchased for the amount of 16,000 rubles.