Vika Kulagina

1 year and 10 months old, Kaluga
Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). Bone marrow transplantation has been carried out.
Little Vika has spent over 1 year in hospital.
Now Vika is feeling well, and on August 9 she will finally go home!


9 months ago we told you about Vika, who had just underwent a bone marrow transplantation, performed by the doctors of the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital (RCCH). We told that the girl was having a very hard post transplantation period, in which her body was to fight and to receive donor cells. At that moment we didn’t know yet how would her body respond, whether rejection of donor cells would take place, how soon would Vika recover after the transplantation. Vika and her mother spent whole year in the hospital, and that was a very tough and difficult year. Tough and difficult in all respects – Vika’s first birthday took place in the hospital, there she began to walk and talk for the first time. But most importantly, in that year her condition has stabilized, and though we can’t say for sure that her body got over the illness, she is steadily moving in this direction. And finally the physicians brought themselves to let Vika and her mother go home where they hadn’t been for such a long time.

Here is what we wrote about Vika one year ago…

Vika was born in 2009 in Yaroslavl. The girl spent home just the first 2 months of her life. After high level of white blood cells showed up in her test, the girl with her mother Sveta never left hospitals. First it was a hospital in Yaroslavl, then two other ones in Nizhny Novgorod (at one of them Vika spent 3 weeks in an intensive care unit). After that she was taken to Moscow, where she was finally put in the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital (RCCH). Here Vika was diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). These 4 letters mean that Vika was born without the immune system, and is not able to fight even with the most basic infections. Vika has to stay constantly in a sterile ward under flows of specially purified air, and her mother is not allowed either to kiss, or to embrace her daughter without taking special costume on and sterilizing her hands. Bone marrow transplantation, causing immune cells to show up, is the only way to survive for children with her diagnosis. Such surgery was performed on Vika by the doctors of the RCCH. 

Now the girl is in front of a very long and difficult road to recovery. The postoperative period, in which Vika, besides expensive medicines, needs special care, is the most important and dangerous. Regrettably, financial and moral condition of Vika’s family is very complicated – just recently her father left the family, and the mother, who is on maternity leave and spent all the time in the hospital with Vika, got sick owing to a nervous condition, and was taken to a hospital herself. Now it’s the grandmother who looks after Vika. The family lives on a child benefit and grandmother’s pension, both of them are very modest in Yarsolavl.

The family is simply unable to cover expenses for the girl’s treatment and provide her with everything she needs. In the meanwhile there is a long rehabilitation course ahead, on which Vika’s future life depends so much. Life she hasn’t seen yet due to her disease that divided everything into “before” and “after”. We’d most like if her “after” was fortunate and happy, and if Vika’s mother finally smiled seeing her daughter getting better.

What has been done

The following medicines were purchased for Vika:

April 25, 2011 - Rabeprazole – 7 packs for the amount of 8,387.26 rubles.

April 8, 2011 - Etanercept – 4 vials (25mg each) for the amount of 146,800 rubles.

October 19, 2010 - Caspofungin – 5 vials for the amount of 66,000 rubles.