Roma Antonov

5 years old, the Murmansk Region
Diagnosis: Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
The service of a round-the-clock nanny for the period from the 2nd to the 17th of April while Roma was staying at the hospital was paid. The cost was 18,965 rubles.
We want to express our deep gratitude to the staff of the Bazelevs Production company, as well as to all the caring people who helped to pay for the babysitting service and provided Roma with all necessary clothing and food.


Roma has arrived for a planned hospitalization to the Scientific Center for Children's Health of the RAMS (Moscow). His mother passed him to the babysitter and took a flight home to her 1-month-old newborn, Roma’s sister.

The kid has 2 brothers and 3 sisters now. That’s why each time when hospitalized he stays with a round-the-clock nanny. It would be too hard for a 5-year-old boy to stay alone in the hospital. Besides caring of Roma to be fed and dressed up, someone should soothe him after a painful medical procedure.