Tanzila Makchieva

3 years old, Shali
Diagnosis: Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
Medicine needed: Actemra.
The cost of a month course of treatment: $1,000. Needed constantly!


The name of little Tanzila, when translated from Arabic, means “sent from above”. For the Tanzila’s mother, birth of the daughter was a long-awaited event. Everything went right in the family: the infant was growing up normally, she was vaccinated on time, and started walking on her own, when she was precisely 1 year old.

Suddenly, misfortune came upon the happy family. The mother put Tanzila in bed at lunchtime, but she woke up having high fever and a violent cough. From this point, still and happy life turned into an endless chain of hospitals.

In Mahachkala, Tanzila was diagnosed with pneumonia. She received treatment in the hometown’s hospital, then there were another hospital in Grozny and a week-long stay in an intensive care unit it Dagestan. After that the girl and her mother were directed to a hospital in Stavropol, where they spent 2 months. Doctors were shrugging their shoulders, and did not understand, what the girl was ill with…

Finally Tanzila was transferred to an intensive care unit in one of the hospitals in Moscow, where she stayed for 2 weeks, and from there the girl was taken to the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital (RCCH).

It all happened so suddenly that Tanzila and her mother still can’t get used to the drastic and profound changes in their life. Over the year they have been coming to the RCCH monthly and will have to do that in future.

Tanzila can be called strong and courageous, although she is only 3 years old. Bravery, with which she stands all the hardships of the illness and of the life in the hospital, impresses greatly. The child is fighting for life with all her might.

Every month Tanzila and her mother come to Moscow in order to get injected with the Tocilizumab medicine, which is necessary for the girl to live a full life. But this time there is no medicine in the hospital, Tanzila has been staying in it for 2 weeks already, waiting for the medicine to arrive, but unfortunately, in the nearest days the drug is not expected to be here. Tanzila has been having a high fever for several days already, the medicine is needed to be injected as soon as possible. We are begging you to help us buy the drug for Tanzila.

What has been done

December 29, 2011 - Methotrexate  medicine was purchased for the amount of 776 rubles.

June 14, 2011 - Mycophenolic acid (1 pack of 100 tablets 360 mg) was purchased for the amount of 11,270 rubles.

November 11, 2010 – Railway tickets (Moscow – Grozny) were purchased for Tanzila and her mother, so that Tanzila could go home after the hospitalization in Moscow. The cost of the tickets was 4,773 rubles.