Kirill Boyarkin

7 years old, Moscow
Diagnosis: Primary immunodeficiency. Chronic granulomatous disease.
Levofloxacin and Voriconazole (a supply for a 1-month course) were purchased for a total amount of 52,600 rubles. The Ministry of Health provided a supply of the drugs for 14 more days. Reserves will last until January 15. We very much hope that Kirill will get the medications for the next month from the Ministry of Health in early January. Otherwise, we will continue collecting money for the drugs.


On each photo of Kirill that we have, he looks sad and distracted by something. On one photo he sits humbly and totally indifferent on the hands of a clown invited to the hospital to entertain young patients. On another the boy shows his bright and buoyant drawing: green, yellow and ruby-colored stripes are on it. However there is no cheerfulness in Kirill’s eyes. On the last photo the kid is intently drawing a fish with an orange pencil while all other patients in the gameroom are briskly playing around... We can’t know what our 7-year-old Kirill is thinking about all the time, but we know for sure that he needs your help very much.

Kirill is seriously ill. He has been ill since the second day of his life. For the past 7 years Kirill has been fighting for his life, winning it back from the immunodeficiency. What is happening to him can hardly be called something else than a struggle for life: at 1 month and at 3 months, he caught an acute respiratory viral infection, at 5 months, was down with pneumonia, at 6 and 8 months, had an acute bronchitis. At 9 months, Kirill’s liver and spleen started to enlarge, at 10 months, his body got covered with multiple abscesses, and because of numerous viruses, the boy started having heart problems. At the age of 1 year, a local BCG infection was added to all the troubles with the kid’s health. At the age of 2, Kirill was put in intensive care with respiratory failure. 4 and 6 months later, respectively, his lymph nodes and colon got inflamed. The boy began to lose appetite, stopped gaining weight, he was tormented by stool problems. At the age of 3, the boy was taken to intensive care again, there he spent 9 days in coma… Kirill was admitted to the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital for the first time in 2009.

After you learn of the hardships Kirill has been through in his young age, no questions about the boy’s detachment and pensiveness remain. In spite of all, according to his mother’s words, Kirill does have a favorite occupation – he enjoys drawing and modeling. The kid has an elder brother who is absolutely healthy. This year Kirill “went to the first grade”, but not in the literal sense of the word – the boy began to study at home, since he is not allowed to attend a school for health reasons.

A 1-month course of drugs essential to Kirill costs 60,000 rubles. He needs these drugs to be provided on a constant basis. We hope very much that due to them there will be less and less troubles in Kirill’s life and one day we’ll see his photo where he is cheerfully smiling and laughing!