Nikita Yermolaev

8 years old, Astrakhan
Diagnosis: primary immunodeficiency, autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (ALPS), autoimmune thrombocytopenia.
2 packs of Mycophenolate mofetil at the total cost of 9,580 rubles were purchased for Nikita.


Nikita's Story

It’s no surprise there are plenty of 8 year old boys out there who don’t like going to school, waking up early, and doing homework. Who wouldn’t want to skip school one day and stay home? Nikita wouldn’t!

Here’s why: he only gets to go to school on days when he feels okay, and the rest of the time he has to stay home and be bored by homeschooling…

Nikita is in the second grade. To be exact, he follows the second grade program at home because he’s been sick since he was three and can’t physically attend regular school. When he was three, he started losing weight rapidly and getting tired quickly. Soon afterward, he was too weak to walk. Concerned, local doctors sent him to be examined at the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital in Moscow where he was diagnosed with ALPS.

Despite the complications in his life, Nikita remains a very outgoing and kind-hearted boy. He helps his mom with house chores by vacuuming and washing dishes! A few months ago Nikita’s family was filled with a new joy – his younger brother was born! That’s why the boy decided to help his mom with some of the housework. Physical health and old age aren’t necessary attributes of a real man – Nikita is a good example of a man at the age of eight!

This wonderful boy makes his nurse mom and bricklayer dad very proud. Nikita dreams of becoming a dentist when he grows up. And we have no doubt that he can be a really good one, too! We just need to help him with medication to get better, and everything else will follow.