Sasha Shirokov

11 years old, Ufa
Diagnosis: Primary immunodeficiency. Chronic granulomatous disease.
Thanks to the “Teva” company, which organized charity action “Right on target”, 4 packs of Vfend 200 mg x14 (a 1-month supply of the drug for Sasha) were purchased for a total amount of 99,600 rubles.


Unfortunately, very often a terrible disease called "immunodeficiency" bursts into lives of our fund’s wards when they are completely healthy - along with the first vaccination… This is what happened to newborn Sasha, whose life was completely changed after the BCG vaccination, which he received in the maternity hospital.

But in Sasha’s case difficulties had begun even earlier. Sasha’s father did not want him to be born. So Sasha doesn’t have a dad. But boy’s mother was eagerly waiting for his birth. The long-awaited event wasn’t marred for her even though she is a second-group disabled and gets about on crutches.

Despite all the difficulties, a wonderful baby was born on a sunny day of April 10, 2002. From the very first day of Sasha's life dad wasn't by his side but always was his mom. And his grandmother Galina did not leave him for a moment either, she helped her daughter and grandson in everything she could. If it wasn’t for that ruinous vaccination in the maternity hospital, a circumstance totally beyond their control, we strongly believe that this family could have done very well…

Sasha wasn't even a month old when the first serious complications of the vaccination occurred – lymphadenitises were coming one after another. The boy had to undergo 15 surgeries on the lymph nodes. A crucial surgery was performed in the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital (RCCH) in 2011. Since then, the kid comes twice a year to the Department of Clinical Immunology for a check-up and corrective therapy. Releasing the boy home, doctors expected that he would have been getting vital drugs in the necessary volume from the government until the next hospital admission. But it wasn’t known for sure whether there would have been enough money in the regional budget to provide all beneficiaries with necessary medications. Over the past six months, funds for relatively inexpensive "Interferon gamma" were not available in the budget, and Sasha has arrived to Moscow in a very serious condition. In the RCCH’s pharmacy the drug isn't available either.

Luckily, Sasha’s mother and grandmother enfolded him in absolute love and care without his father’s help. He is growing up a very inquisitive boy: he is in the fourth grade now, is very interested in space and seriously fears invasion of aliens, has fun making things out of Lego, and dreams of becoming a constructor. Sasha’s family would definitely provide him with the essential drugs which he needs more than anything else if it only could… But Sasha's mother cannot work because of her disability, and his grandmother is an unemployed retiree taking care of two disabled relatives.

We would like very much to help this wonderful, resilient and loving family. We want all its members to feel, maybe for the first time in their lives, that they are not lonely in their city, country and the world… And that there are people who will help not demanding anything in return.

What has been done

May, 2013 - Thanks to the Russian Club of Luxembourg, the following life-saving medications (a 2-month supply) were purchased: Vfend 200 mg x14 – 4 packs and Ursodeoxycholic acid 250 mg x50 – 2 packs. The total cost was 101,530 rubles.

March, 2013 - 20 vials of Interferon gamma (100 000 IU) were purchased at the total cost of 7,400 rubles