Alexander Prokhorov

11 years old, Troitsk (the Moscow Region)
Diagnosis: Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
Durolane 60 mg / 3 ml (1 ampin) was purchased for 14,090 rubles.


Alexander is 11 years old, he smiles a lot and is very talented.

Currently the kid is staying with his grandmother in the RCCH (he has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis). The grandmother proudly told that her grandson loves school very much (he got almost exclusively A's), especially English, math and computer science. It's rare to see people with such a thirst for knowledge and full life. The boy loves drawing, he showed us an impressive picture, where a dragon (his disease) is attacking a castle (his body).

When Alex lived and studied in Troitsk, teachers were telling that the kid shouldn’t have studied in a regular school and should have been put on homeschooling instead. In spite of this, Alex studied very well along with other kids and kept up with them, despite the disease.

The only dream the boy has is to be able to walk normally. When you look at him, nothing tells you about his disease, until he gets up and walks…

Alex’s mother lives in Troitsk and is doing everything she can for her child, there is no father in the family. Despite valiant efforts of his mother and grandmother, Alex needs your help very much.