Timur Zhilhaydarov

1 year old, Omsk
Diagnosis: Primary immunodeficiency: LAD1 (leukocyte adhesion deficiency).
On April 25, a bone marrow transplantation was performed on Timur. He is in a post-transplantation period now, which requires constant medical supervision. Nosocomial infections are a hazard to the kid, therefore Timur and his mother have moved to the Fund’s outpatient apartment. The rent is 35,000 rubles a month. Thanks to the “Teva” company, which organized charity action “Right on target”, the apartment rent was paid, and also 1 pack of needles for a port system was purchased (the cost was 3,766 rubles).


On the 9th day of his life, Timur was put in a hospital with omphalitis (inflammation of the skin around the navel). The boy spent 2 months in the local children’s hospital, where he underwent a surgery. Paraproctitis (a rectal fistula) was found in Timur 2 weeks after he had been released from the hospital. A new surgery was made. Hard to believe, but after staying in the hospital for 2 weeks more, a 3rd surgery was found to be necessary. A surgeon who was treating Timur sounded the alarm: despite intensive antibiotic therapy, the white blood cell count did not decrease at all. A research to find the reason was started.

In summer, Timur was hospitalized again, with abscess of the upper lip this time. Complications followed - purulent bronchitis and pneumonia broke out. For a whole month the boy was unable to sleep and eat normally.

The research initiated before brought the results: the boy had LAD1 (leukocyte adhesion deficiency). It means that there is a sufficient amount of leukocytes in the blood, but they do not perform their functions in the destruction of bacteria. Without a bone marrow transplantation such children die before they reach 2.

A bone marrow transplantation was performed on Timur on April 25, 2013. The boy is in a post-transplantation period now. He has to observe sterile conditions thoroughly, and has to be constantly supervised in the Department of Clinical Immunology of the RCCH on a semi-outpatient basis. During this period, Timur and his mother will live in an outpatient apartment. The rent is 35,000 rubles a month.

What has been done

Levofloxacin and Linezolid were purchased at the total cost of 42,012 rubles.