Ilya Alikin

17 years old, Perm
Diagnosis: Primary immunodeficiency. X-linked agammaglobulinemia.
4 packs of life-saving Immunoglobulin human normal 50 ml 10% were purchased for a replacement therapy. The total cost was 80,080 rubles.


On May 8, 1996 two wonderful boys were born – Ilya and his twin brother. But happiness in the family didn’t last long. At the age of 2, Ilya’s brother passed away, thus it was decided to examine Ilya thoroughly. After staying in a hospital for 3 weeks the boy  was diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency, which was later also confirmed in Moscow.

Owing to the physicians’ efforts, his mother’s care and ongoing maintenance therapy with immunoglobulin, Ilya has survived, and his current condition is defined as relatively stable.

Ilya is 17 now, he is studying in the Perm aviation technical school, and despite numerous absences due to frequent hospitalizations, he studies well. And what’s most important, he studies “with great pleasure”, as his mom says. Ilya is a very communicative, kind, responsive, and sincere boy. He loves music, and plays the guitar perfectly, but hockey is his main hobby. The kid also enjoys fishing.

Though studying, friends, music, hockey, and fishing become a part of Ilya’s life only when there is immunoglobulin for an intravenous replacement therapy. Without it, Ilya is locked in four walls. Just think of it, what a torture is such seclusion for a 17-year-old boy?!