Sergey Tarasov

13 years old, Chelyabinsk
Diagnosis: Chronic immune thrombocytopenia. Primary immunodeficiency (undefined type).
Thanks to the “Teva” company, which organized charity action “Right on target”, 1 pack of life-saving Sirolimus drug was purchased for an amount of 45,000 rubles.


Sergey fell ill when he was 2 after a flu vaccination – suddenly his body got covered with bruises, and nasal bleedings started to happen. At first, leukemia was suspected, but the diagnosis was not confirmed, and instead the kid was diagnosed with thrombocytopenic purpura and splenomegaly. Since then the boy has been constantly supervised by a hematologist. Sergey had frequent acute respiratory viral infections and pneumonias. Frequent hemorrhagic crisises and leukopenia started since he was 7. In November, 2012, the kid was taken to the Federal Clinical Research Center, where he was diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency (undefined type) and was administered with the Sirolimus medication.

Despite the disease and disability, Sergey is studying in a secondary school, and has successfully completed 7th grade with A’s and B’s. Like all modern boys, he loves computer games, but he also reads a lot, and an electronic book is his favorite toy.