Yulya Bulycheva

13 years old, the Kostroma Region
On May 26, Yulya passed away…
Yulya’s diagnosis was: Dermatomyositis and pneumonia, which broke out in the setting of severe depression and exhaustion after mother's death.


Here is what we were writing about Yulya:

“Yulya was born a healthy, normal, beautiful child with long, black, curly hair”, tells Yulya’s father. Yulya was taken to doctors only to measure her weight or to get vaccinated. Yulya gladly went to kindergarten, communicated with friends, she was a star of all morning performances. Each New Year her mother prepared a new fancy dress for Yulya: she was a candy, a fir tree, and also played character of Malvina. Even in the rest hours Yulya fell asleep reluctantly, because she knew how many interesting and merry things could be done instead.

This story sounds even more touching, considering the fact that it was told by Yulya’s father. How fortunate it is to have such a loving and caring dad, who remembers all the details of his daughter’s childhood! Of course, the mother of Yulya could tell about the girl not worse, but she is gone…

While alive, she rejoiced at Yulya’s performances in the kindergarten, Yulya’s 1st day at school, her progress in studies, concerts in the music school, and dance performances. Dancing was Yulya’s favorite occupation, till now she has been dreaming of becoming a choreographer.

It was an absolutely happy and healthy family, in which parents and the elder brother were happy to watch how Yulya was growing up.

In July Yulya’s mother suddenly died. The girl immediately shrinked into herself, cried a lot, became touchy, and didn’t want to communicate with anyone. Pains in the legs broke out, but everyone thought that the pains were due to the dance classes. But then her hands started to weaken, the appetite got ruined. Within prophylactic medical examination at school Yulya got very bad blood test results.

After quinsy broke out, Yulya became quite sick. Now Yulya has difficulties in walking. She still prefers to stay alone and doesn’t feel like eating.

Regrettably, Yulya couldn’t survive death of her mother and overcome the disease…

On May 26, 2011, Yulya passed away…

Dear Yulya, we will always remember you.