Maksim Gulin

3 years old, Moscow
Diagnosis: Primary immunodeficiency. Bone marrow transplantation has been carried out. Now Maksim has a very difficult and long-lasting post-transplantation period.
The following drugs were purchased for Maksim Gulin, staying in the Department of Clinical Immunology at the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital (RCCH): Granisetron (1 pack), Rabeprazole (5 packs). The total cost was 10,637.26 rubles.


There are families, in which immunodeficiency is common. We have already reported about Artem Ivanov, whose brother died because of this disease, and now the mother of Artem is trying to save her second son with all her might. Unfortunately, this case is not unique, in the family of Maksim Gulin everything happened in a very similar manner.

Maksim fell ill when he was 2 - at the same age as his elder brother, who had died due to immunodeficiency in 2003. Terrible situation was repeated to a dot: first Maksim appeared to have got a common cold, then fever started to rise dramatically, stomach became bigger than usual, and in the hospital’s division of infectious diseases Maksim was initially diagnosed with monocytic angina.

Maksim’s mother sounded the alarm: she remembered, how fast her first son’s condition had been getting worse in 2003, and how doctors couldn’t do anything. Maksim’s brother was taken to the RCCH in such a serious condition, that none of the Moscow hospitals was admitting him. Diagnosis “X-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome” was confirmed only in 2009, after his death…

Owing to this, Maksim was quickly and correctly diagnosed – he had the same syndrome as his brother had. Fortunately, donors’ blood was found quickly, and a bone marrow transplantation was performed on Maksim in the RCCH!

In the middle of November, the boy and his mother were transferred to the Department of Immunology at the RCCH. The boy is still in a serious condition. Any infection is extremely dangerous to his life. There are serious complications in the liver, and most likely, Maksim will have to undergo one more surgery.

The only joy he has is walking around, which was recently allowed to him. Maksim never returns to the box until he gets tired. 30 minutes are enough for that though… He likes to collect puzzles and to play with his erector set, but most of all he loves small car models. Maksim gets happy, when his dad and especially his sister come to visit him.

At this point it is vital for Maskim to take Granisetron and Rabeprazole drugs on a monthly basis, but his family can’t afford buying them as frequently as needed. The boy’s mother has to stay near her son all the time, and the father gets a salary of 15,000 – 17,000 rubles a month at best, since on his factory work is not always available.

We hope very much, that a miracle, but not a tragedy, will happen in the family this time, and that Maksim, owing to kind-hearted ones, will get treatment he needs and finally will recover.

What has been done

25.04.2011 - The following drugs were purchased for a total amount of 10,637.26 rubles: Granisetron (1 pack), Rabeprazole (5 packs).