Yaroslav Bezgodov

1 year old, Omsk
Diagnosis: Primary immunodeficiency. Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome.
Yaroslav and his mother have gone to Italy for bone marrow transplantation. They will spend from 6 to 12 months there. We are following the developments and will be publishing the news on our website.

What has been done

06.09.2011 – one-way tickets from Omsk to Moscow were purchased for Yaroslav and his mother for the total price of 11,540 rubles

29.08.2011 – an automatic wrist blood pressure monitor was purchased for 2,160 rubles

05.08.2011 – a comprehensive DNA testing (with an identified mutation) of the family members was carried out (the cost was 3,600 rubles)

12.05.2011 – a molecular genetic testing was carried out (the cost was 10,440 rubles)