Oleg Lazutkin

9 years old, the Bryansk Region
Diagnosis: Juvenile dermatomyositis.
Thanks to the “Teva” company, which organized charity action “Right on target”, 1 pack of Adalimumab was purchased (the cost of the drug was 76,000 rubles).


Oleg was born on May 19, 2004. The first signs of the disease appeared when he was 3. The boy had a sudden fever, which couldn’t be brought down for a long period of time, all his body was covered with purple-red spots, his legs, arms and lumbar area swelled, and the kid wasn’t able to get himself up and walk. In a district hospital he was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. A treatment was administered to him, but the kid wasn’t getting better. So he was transferred to the RCCH (Moscow) for further examination. The diagnosis was changed to juvenile dermatomyositis (acute course) there. In November, 2009, another exacerbation of the disease happened, and the boy was prescribed with Adalimumab. The kid felt better after the second administration of the drug, he started to stand up, walk, and squat on his own, his fever went down.

Oleg has many friends, he is a very sociable and intelligent boy. He is doing his best in school and does his homework same day it is assigned, and never does his postpone important things to do. The kid participates in all school activities. Math is the easiest class for him, but, curiously enough, physical education is his favorite one. When feeling well, Oleg plays football with his friends. He is a fan of the “Zenith” team. But all the things listed above, including, most importantly, the ability to walk on his own, are possible only due to the Adalimumab drug, which his family cannot afford. Breaks in taking the medication are not allowed. Interruption of the treatment can result in a development of an uncontrolled exacerbation including severe heart failure.